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Our Business Intervention Services

Sharing risk and reward is what differentiates REGAL 3 in the business consulting arena.
Adverse situations are our forte.

Our Management Consulting Service

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REGAL 3 offers the complete management consulting solution.
  • While we have collaborated with Sanlam to deliver their "Cobalt Business Fitness Analysis" (BFA) which provides a quick overview of general business health; REGAL 3 has developed its own unique business analysis theory and tools, which are corporate solutions specifically tailored for smaller businesses.

    All companies have a need for sound business acumen to attain success. By means of effective strategising, planning, project management and leadership skills, REGAL 3 ensures that survival and mediocrity are transformed into strength and success.

    Larger companies are generally aware of their internal capabilities and they recognise the value of and are able to afford 'external' business advice while many Businesses are functioning in "handicap" mode. Capital constraints, external market pressures and internal operational problems are some of the many factors that can contribute towards this impediment.
  • While these factors will vary in severity and complexity, the result remains the same – financial and operational "suffocation", which impedes the growth and continued existence of businesses.

    REGAL 3 offers the complete Management Consulting solution:

    • Turnaround & Crisis Management
    • Business Valuations
    • Operational and Financial Analysis
    • Business Planning & Strategy
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Management Buy-outs & Buy-ins

Our Interim Management Service

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REGAL 3’s Interim Management Service will benefit your business.
  • Typically, Interim Management Services follow a period of business consulting during which the need for specialised expertise is identified. Interim managers are used at short notice for short- and medium-term engagements. The duration of their engagements may range from three months to two years and can be customized to meet individual company needs. As professionals, we extend seamless delivery and assume full accountability.

    Our extensive network of professional managers and service providers enables our Interim Management clients to receive corporate level management, at a fraction of the cost.
    REGAL 3 delivers its Interim Management Services with the innovation and speed that businesses require in order to maximise opportunities and mitigate risk.

    Through the 'pooling' of skills and experience; our team of Interim Managers and Executives collectively form a 'rich' knowledge reservoir from which our clients are able to draw - on demand.
  • Our approach is generally hands-on but our role is determined by the organisation's objectives and circumstances. In most engagements we accept leadership and/or operational responsibility; to take ownership of our investment or advisory recommendations and to ensure the effective execution, documentation and communication of our action plans. It is essential that Interim Managers are overqualified for the engagement.

    Businesses that engage with REGAL 3's Interim Management Services will benefit from a flexible, professional resource which is able to effect change and rapidly solve problems.
Quality business fitness consulting.

REGAL 3 wants to accompany and guide you through the process. Please fill out the following form in order for us to do so:

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