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The holistic solution

Financial Management - Making sense of the numbers not just accounting

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Your new financial Analysts and financial managers.
  • Over and above the general bookkeeping and taxation functions, accounting is the process of keeping record of the organisation's operations. This process is similar to the monitoring of temperature and climate.
  • While it is an imperfect science to forecast future weather patterns, REGAL 3 uses tried and tested methods to calculate possible financial outcomes for alternative business strategies; assisting businesses in their daily operations to maintain control in this ever chaotic market place.

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Business Consulting - Rely on our experience and competence

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REGAL 3's consulting services offer you sound business solutions.
  • While we have an excellent understanding of business in general, it is important to highlight our strengths which lie in the areas of:

    • Business Valuation
    • Financial Analysis
    • Strategy and Planning
    • Marketing and Business Development
    • Operations
    • Project Management
  • REGAL 3's differential edge has been built upon the cornerstones of accountability and responsibility. It is for this reason that, where necessary, we will ensure through the temporary or permanent on-site placement of its Interim Managers, that the engagement objectives are correctly implemented and upheld.

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Venture Capital - Bringing know-how not just funding

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Need capital for a new business venture? We are your venture partners.
  • Our past success in the procurement of funding for Businesses has ensured that our service in this area is readily sought-after. Similarly, private investors and companies are approaching us for "good" investment opportunities.
  • REGAL 3 provides value to potential investors and companies seeking funding by ensuring that all business ventures meet with the minimum standards of transparency; profitability (or realistic profitability plans); professional, competent management and a strategic market advantage. In addition to this, and where necessary, REGAL 3 is able to manage the business venture's operations to ensure that the company's administration and ethics are upheld.

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Quality business fitness consulting.

REGAL 3 wants to accompany and guide you through the process. Please fill out the following form in order for us to do so:

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